About Us/FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions from our new scout families:

1. Why should we join the Cub Scouts?

  • Character development
  • Develop new skills and interests
  • Encourage good sportsmanship
  • Strengthening the ability to get along with others
  • Become involved in community service
  • Have fun
  • Prepare for Boy Scouts
  • ...and many more

2. How much does it cost per year to be in the Cub Scouts?
The initial registration fee to join our Pack is $150.00 per year. Our membership year begins in August, so you will be paying the fee for our Aug -July scouting year. We try to keep our costs low, so most of our Pack activities are funded by money raised by the Scouts selling Popcorn. Within each Den you will likely also pay ~$5.00/month (for 5-10 months) for the costs of your activities, badges, & pins as determined by the Den Leader and families.

3. What kind of uniform do we need?
For new Lion Scouts (Kindergarten) you will need a Lion t-shirt and hat. For new Tiger Scouts (1st Grade) through Bear Scouts (3rd Grade): You will need a Blue Cub Scout shirt, blue pants, blue scout belt, the neckerchief, slide, patches and hat. The pack provides the number patches for the pack "3179" (see membership chair). For Webelos: You will need a tan scout shirt, green pants, green scout belt, and blue epaulets. For new scout families, when you sign up ask about second hand items as sometimes we have items that scouts have given to the pack for future scouts to use. The Boy Scout Store in Camarillo (509 Daily Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010), online ScoutStore, or EBay can be a good source as well.

4. What kind of manuals or materials do we need?
Each year your scout will need the basic Handbook for the appropriate level of scouting (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos). All of these materials are available at the Boy Scout store in Camarillo (509 Daily Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010). This book will guide you and your scout through all the requirements for the upcoming year. It will be up to you and your Den Leader to schedule the different activities.

5. How much time is involved every month to be a part of scouting?
The Pack meets once a month on a Monday night (mostly the 3rd Monday of the month) 615pm - 730pm, between August and June (~ 1.5 hour meetings). Each Den also meets and decides how often to meet every month as determined by the Den Leader and families. The Pack suggests Dens meet twice a month for about 1 hour, but this is up to each Den to decide. We have additional events that we encourage everyone to participate in as well including community service, family campouts, parades, hikes, etc…

6. Is Scouting only for my son and his dad?
No. Cub Scouts is for boys and girls, but they can have anyone as an adult partner (dad, mom, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc). At the Cub Scout level, family participation is encouraged at Pack events, camping, hiking or anything else that might get planned. Moms and/or Dads both are very active as adult partners in our Pack.

 7. Do I HAVE to volunteer to be a Leader?

No. But, Scouting is run by mostly volunteers (~98%); all of the Leaders in our Pack are non-paid volunteers. If you do not want to be a leader, that is fine.  Someone within your Den will have to be the Leader. You will be asked to volunteer within the Pack at some level as our children’s experience depends on each of us helping where and when we can. Ask your Den Leader or a Pack Committee member at a pack event (generally adults found in uniform) how you can assist.

8. How do you learn to be a Den Leader or Pack Leader?
There is training available for all volunteers through Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Training is a requirement for all new leaders [4-5 hrs in one day, usually on a Saturday morning]. Also, every leader must complete a "Youth Protection Course" that can be completed online (MyScouting.org) in approx 30 minutes.  We ask that at least one parent from each household complete this training as well.  It is one time every 2 years.  As of May 2018, there is a new YPT that must be completed by Oct 2018, for existing members, regardless of your past training being current or not.

9. When can we start participating with the Pack?
NOW!! You just need to sign up by contacting our Membership Chair or the Pack Committee Chair who can walk you through the SIMPLE process. You will be asked to fill out the application form and write a check for the annual membership (discussed above) and that's it. Once the application is complete, we will put you in touch with the appropriate Den Leader and he/she will welcome you in from there. The sooner you start the more fun you will have. It’s up to you!

10. Does Balboa Middle School sponsor the Pack?
NO. Our sponsor is the Ventura VFW, but we do pay to use the cafeteria at Balboa Middle School for our Pack meetings.

General Dictionary of Terms/Acronyms:

Boys Scouts of America- BSA Pack- As a Cub Scout, you are part of a Pack. A Pack is a group of families from the same school, area of schools, church or neighborhood. The pack is divided by age groups into Dens. 
Cubmaster– Adult volunteer who serves as master of ceremonies at all Pack Meetings and Activities. 
Pack Committee– A group of adult volunteers who oversee and plan pack activities.

Tiger Den – 1st Grade
Wolf Den – 2nd Grade
Bear Den
– 3rd Grade
Webelos 1
– 4th Grade
Webelos 2
– 5th Grade

Contact Information:
Rachel Janisse
Pack 3179 - Asst. Committee Chair