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Out with February, in with March!!

Posted on Feb 21 2015 - 7:53pm

Good Morning Pack 3179 families!!!

I hope everyone is well, and warm!!!
The Webs 1's and I, are sitting in Middle Lions Camp.

Getting ready to close out February, looking to March!

Posted on Feb 14 2015 - 11:25pm

Good Morning 3179 Cub Families!!

Thank you, to those that attended the Parent Mtg at the VFW, last Monday night!!
We had a lot to cover, and I thank you for allowing me to have a little extra of your time. 

Notes from the Blue & Gold

Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 11:35pm

Just when I think to myself, "It can't get any better",... It does!!

A huge THANK YOU, to those that participated in tonight's Blue & Gold Dinner!!
What a great evening, with Family, and Friends!!
THANK YOU, to the Elks Lodge, for hosting us, and for being our Charter Organization!!
Tonight, they presented Cub Master Kevin, with a check that he's taken care if a large chunk of our recharter expenses!!
THANK YOU, again, Elks Lodge!!
As a Pack, we seem to really be doing it right,... Tonight, the Webelos 2's awarded 6 Arrows of Light. 
I know of Packs that can't award a single Arrow, let alone 6!!!
Cudos, to Jon & Wendi Tidwell, on a job well done. 
And, that goes to the Parents ( Bonus-Parents, Grandparents, etc,…) of those boys as well. As we all know, the boy may be getting the award, but it was the Parents, (Etc) and Family the really got behind that boy to be the best he can be!!
Also awarded tonight were an amazing number of Ranks!!
I think it was 6-7 Bears, and 2 Wolves,… If I'm not mistaken!!
Excellent work, boys!!
In addition to all the awards previously mentioned, there were approx 25 of the "Distinction of Merit" Awards. 
These are the Grommets, that come from the Flags that Pack 3179, has retired over the years. 
The recipients of these awards have done something unique, and in the scouting spirit,  to earn this award. 
All recipients were nominated by someone else to receive this award. 
When you see someone wearing this award, ask them how they earned it. 
Thank you to Bruce Winker for planning the Hike that took place today, if anyone has pictures, could you please post the pictures on the FB page?
I'd love to see them!
Parent Mtg, Monday, at the VFW!
6:30-8:30, if you need to to, kids are welcome. 
Hope to see you all there!!
Tren Morris
Committee Chair
Pack 3179


Blue & Gold Dinner - 105th Birthday of BSA

Posted on Jan 28 2015 - 9:19am

The Blue & Gold Dinner is the Cub Scout's celebration of the birthday of the Boy Scouts of America. This year is the 105th birthday of the BSA. Our pack Blue & Gold Dinner is hosted by our charter organization, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Lodge 1430, Ventura.

First of Feb, ramblings.

Posted on Jan 25 2015 - 12:24am
Top of the morning Pack 3179 families!!
So many great things happening!!
The Webs 2's slept aboard the Battleship Iowa, Friday night!!

January/February events!

Posted on Jan 17 2015 - 11:35pm

Good morning 3179 Pack families!!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC time at the Pinewood Derby!!
I loved seeing all the cool designs, the  camaraderie, and the sportsmanship that was shown by our boys!!

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